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Medical guidance/Yin ganghui, deputy chief physician and wang liang, deputy chief physician of spinal surgery department, the third affiliated hospital of southern medical university

"I sit for a long time back pain, stand for a long time waist also pain." "The lazy! Just want ge you to lie down? And make excuses."

Don't tell me that your spine doctor really believes that waist protection is about being "lazy." Bad sitting posture, standing posture and sit for a long time, the strain injury that long stand causes, can cause the chronic pain of lumbar back shoulder neck really, adverse to spinal health. What should I do? It's good to be sitting properly, but it's easier said than done. At this time, actually the most important is to find a waist pillow that accords with him lumbar physiology to curve, than emphasize 100 times sitting position effective.

"As long as you don't leave your waist hanging, you can lie comfortably for a while. It's not that bad." Recently, Yin ganghui and wang liang, deputy chief physicians of the first spinal region of the third affiliated hospital of southern medical university, brought several "cold knowledge" of daily spinal protection for fans who have about health.

Do you need a doctor for back pain? You can start with a self-diagnosis

According to Yin, 85% of people have experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. Clinical many people get the diagnosis often appears "curvature straightens" "back bow" and other words. Although people always say that we should "stand up" and "stand up", in fact, the normal and healthy spinal condition of the human body is the "s shape" of lumbar lordosis, which enables us to stand up and walk with both legs with the minimum energy to bear the weight of our body.

And people in life, strain, trauma, rheumatic, infection, tumor and other factors can lead to lumbar structure problems, morphological changes, and pain.

How to deal with lumbago commonly? Yin said that more than 60 percent of backache can be alleviated by taking measures such as bed rest and hot compress in the waist, or by taking anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Most of the lower back pain that can be alleviated is muscle strain, fasciitis, and ligament inflammation, but it is not a serious condition.

Only after such a simple treatment can not relieve back pain, only need to go to the hospital. However, one condition should be noted: if it is at night rest, the lower back pain exceeds the tolerable degree, the pain woke up after sleeping, or the lower back pain combined with numbness and pain in the lower limbs, it should be highly regarded, and the possibility of tumor in the spinal canal should be examined.

If there is no pain lying down, sitting, standing for a long time, weight will be painful, may prompt lumbar disc problems, also need timely medical treatment.

The elderly do not move on their back without pain, and the pain of turning over and rising is severe, which may be compression fracture of vertebral body caused by osteoporosis.

If lower back pain is accompanied by numbness and pain in the lower extremities, fever, chills, chronic cough; or if symptoms such as perineal numbness, weakness in bowel or urine, or even incontinence, it is often a sign of a more severe illness, with the former suggesting a spinal infection and the latter cauda equina syndrome, which require immediate medical attention.

Tips to protect your lumbar spine

When you are young, have you ever tried to go home, drop your bag and lie on the sofa, only to be nagged by your mother that you are a "lazybones"?

Here's a reason to lie down. "The key to protecting your lumbar spine is to be lazy," said Yin. "if you can lie, don't stand; if you can stand, don't sit; if you can sit, don't squat; if you don't bend, stand straight; and if you can't lift anything, drag it."

What's the best way to sit — with a lumbar cushion

Is there the right way to sit? Of course, there are so many "angles" that you can't remember, but you can only remember to "sit up straight". In fact, "sit up straight" requires muscle strength. Yin ganghui said, choose a suitable for their own waist pad, than you always remember straight chest more useful.

From the Angle that protects a waist, Yin ganghui thinks, all sorts of chairs of 80% above on market at present are unqualified, because most chair, although have back of a chair, the waist also leaks empty, do not have method to give the waist enough support. So in the past doctors often tell people very detailed "correct sitting posture" points, in fact, the most correct sitting posture is very simple, is in your waist on a lumbar pad, let you because of protruding and "overhead" waist support.

So what is a good lumbar pad? The more expensive the better. Everyone has their own spinal curvature. What suits you best? Try it out on your own. From this point of view, there is no problem with the widely criticized "ge you lying", as long as your waist is sufficiently supported and you do not "hang", although there is nothing wrong with lying comfortably for a while.

Wang liang reminds, in existing sit have a choice in implement, actually appropriate chair still has a help to overcoming bad sitting position. For instance, office chair does not choose to take soft thick back of a chair "costly boss chair", suggest chair back of a chair wants slightly hard, more ideal to the support of the back.

Modern white-collar workers, students to move to carry the things do not do much, of course, lack of experience, a vulnerable waist is not careful easy to flash. So it's important to review the key points of proper posture for lifting and lifting heavy objects:

1. Stand firm with your feet shoulder-width apart, preferably in non-slip shoes.

Bend your knees, squat and keep your back as straight as possible.

3. Grab the opposite side of the bottom of the weight.

4. Bring the weight as close to your body as possible, for the closer it is to your body, the less force it exerts.

5. Do not rotate your back while carrying heavy loads, as this can cause unnecessary back strain.

6. Know your limits and don't try to lift more than your limits.

Relax with a massage? — not as hot as a compress

'the best exercise for the spine is swimming,' Mr. Yin said. In near weightlessness, allowing the spine to rest and stretch is the equivalent of breathing a sigh of relief to a spine that has been under heavy load.

It's also good for your waist to get up in the morning and work on your feet. Remember to hold each movement for 5-10 seconds before relaxing.

As for relaxing with a massage? Yin ganghui's advice is that massage is not as simple and effective as hot compress. Especially "violent massage", it is too dangerous. Improper massage, minute injury fascia, has become a source of various chronic pain.

So, want to massage of time, don't literally find a foot bath shop to go in, still be inferior to oneself pack a hot water bag hot compress. It should take about 10-15 minutes each time. The temperature doesn't have to be too high, 40 ° c is enough.

Article/guangzhou daily all media reporter zhou jieying correspondent you hualing, liu wanting

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